Nanotouch Digital Holographic/Speckle Interferometer – Equipment for measuring surface displacement and deformation under the influence of various factors
Equipment for measuring surface displacement and deformation under the influence of various factors
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    Nanotouch Digital Holographic/Speckle Interferometer

     Equipment designed for surface displacement and surface strain measuring
    under various loadings



    • The NanoDisplacement Visualizer (NDV) is a commercial name of the Nanotouch Digital Holographic/Speckle Interferometer (DHSI).
    • The Nanotouch DHSI is used for non-contact measurement of displacements, strains and stresses, and for non-destructive testing.
    • The accuracy of surface displacement measuring reaches a fraction of a nanometer. The measurement range is from 1 to 1000 microns or more, depending on the conditions, area dimensions, and speed of the process.
    • A frequency of measurements over the entire object surface starts from 15 measurements per second.
    • A measurement area ranges from 3 x 3 mm to 1.5 x 1.5 m, depending on the laser power, surface texture and measuring conditions. Measurement results can be promptly presented as graphs, flat or three-dimensional maps or a video.
    • There are no restrictions on measured materials or objects, or on the nature of loading (temperature, humidity, pressure, sound, vibration, etc.).
    • Deformations can be uni- or multidirectional, periodic or non-periodic, stationary or non-stationary, wave or oscillatory, fast or slow, with constant or changing characteristics.
    • The measurement technique does not require to destroy an objects or even to come in a direct contact with it (non-destructive testing).
    • Expendable materials are not required.
    • The equipment is quite universal: one and the same Nanotouch DHSI can be used without complex adjustment to measure different objects and strains.
    • Fast and even explosive processes can be measured by using a powerful laser.
    • Being the size of a home video projector, a basic model of the Nanotouch DHSI is mobile and compact.
    • Measurements do not require any special conditions and can be conducted not only in the laboratory, but also on large and fixed objects on-site.
    • Equipment may be customized for specific tasks.

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    • Choose the best and most strain resistant workpiece over several visually identical ones, by analyzing their surface strain responses;
    • Estimate hygroscopicity of tested materials;
    • Find out whether a deformation is irreversible;
    • Optimize object’s design to increase its resistance to typical strains;
    • Determine strain loading limits for a part or unit;
    • Calculate a service life of the item;
    • Detect hidden defects;
    • Find and eliminate resonances or a cause of excessive vibration;
    • Forecast behavour of deformation processes;
    • Check batch workpieces for compliance with the deformation resistance requirements;
    • Measure reliability of welding or junctions;
    • Detect irregularities in the object reaction to strains and loading, such as welding defects, material thinning or hidden flaws; 
    • Trace crack formation;
    • Estimate fluidity, elasticity or fragility of materials;
    • Design an object with predefined deformation patterns, in particular to redirect loading strains and deformation processes from expensive or non-replaceable parts to cheap and replaceable ones; 
    • Find weaknesses in the tested object.

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    • Equipment demonstration;
    • Consulting and development of nondestructive testing (NDT) methods using Nanotouch DHSIs;
    • Production and delivery of the Nanotouch NDT appliances;
    • Personnel training and assistance in integrating Nanotouch DHSIs into the customer’s production process;
    • Contract measurements in the Nanotouch NDT laboratory and on a call-out basis;
    • Warranty for all services and equipment.
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    Operation of the Nanotouch DHSIs is based on principles established by R.L. Powell and K.A. Stetson back in 1960s. The application of those principles coupled with the use of modern high-coherence lasers, powerful computers and digital registration technology helped to raise holographic interferometry to a new level. Today, a single click and a couple of seconds is all that needed to perform operations that used to take days, weeks or even months of hard work of highly professional teams with expensive and bulky equipment.  

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