Equipment for measuring surface displacement and deformation under the influence of various factors
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    Our regular consumer services include:

    • Personnel training to work with the Nanotouch DHSIs;
    • Development of methods to solve Client’s tasks using the Nanotouch DHSIs;
    • Contract measurements in our laboratory or on the call-out basis;
    • Participation of our specialists in Client’s projects;
    • Personal demonstration of the NDV-Basic and NDV-Vibro;
    • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

    Nondestructive Testing Laboratory

    The Nanotochnost Ltd. offers contract measurements using holographic interferometers, including:

    • Detection, measurement and visualization of static and dynamic bending strain;
    • Detection, measurement and visualization of thermal and impact strain;
    • Vibration analysis, data preparation for optimization of the bearing frame, durability analysis, nondestructive testing of units and modules;
    • Measurement of the stress concentration;
    • Detection and visualization of destructive actions, such as crack propagation, delamination, flexure beyond elasticity limits;
    • Vibrometry: detection, measurement, visualization and elimination of vibration and resonance processes;
    • Nondestructive testing of comosite materials, structure optimization of units and parts consisting from composite materials;
    • Detection, measurement and visualization of delamination mutilayered materials under various loadings;
    • Detection, measurement and visualization of materials’ fluidity;
    • Detection, measurement and visualization of deformations under pressurization;
    • Quality control and nondestructive testing of welds;
    • Detection, measurement and visualization of hidden and subsurface defects;
    • Detection and isolation of subsurface defects, destructive processes, vibrations and resonances in engines, turbine disks and blades.


    Some examples of the DHSI application can be found here.

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